A new album for Sara Bareilles

Songstress Sara Bareilles’ new album The Blessed Unrest to be released July 16th was made available for free streaming on iTunes at the beginning of this week. After two listens, it is clear that it shows diverse melodies and doesn’t stick to only one type of song.

It starts out with the up beat song ‘Brave‘(released last may) an anthem encouraging to not be afraid of being yourself then follows ‘Chasing the Sun’ which, for me, really sets the tone of most of the album. With simple yet emotional lyrics and a softer sound albeit the casual back up vocals, and drums during the chorus. It also features powerful ballads notably ‘Manhattan’ which shows off perfectly her ‘signature voice’ with a smooth piano melody. The album sometimes  slightly feels like the sequel to Kaleidoscope Heart for the relationship-related lyrics (see King of Anything and Little Black Dress) although it’s absolutely an artwork of its own for the content alone. There is an ‘anthemic’ side to many songs making them very danceable and happy with some studio made effects influenced by the pop genre which is a fun surprise. The latter is used in very original ways especially on the tenth song ‘Eden’ which has a very distinct background music almost  electronic. But the true substance if you will of this album are definitely the songs that are more ‘raw’ featuring mainly Bareilles’ voice accompanied by minimal instruments, which is when her material is  even easier to relate to and most importantly sounds down to earth. Since she is one of the rare people who can actually  sing acapella and has a very unique voice; those songs really make her voice shine.

The singer-songwriter keeps true to her style creating an overall CD with an uplifting rhythm and inspirational vocals. This new album blends seamlessly both soothing and heartfelt ballads with really electric upbeat tracks which is an accomplishment all on it’s own.

You can now pre-order The Blessed Unrest on iTunes.

My rating: 4 stars out of 5!


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