A review ‘Under the Dome’

The new horror/science fiction series from CBS entitled ‘Under the Dome’ is an adaptation from Stephen King’s novel of the same name  which was published in 2009. He has produced two of the episodes and has given the show support. It is set in the small town of Chester’s Mill where a large transparent dome emerges dividing the town. Soon after its appearance residents witness its destructive power-it splits a cow! Note that it is not a ‘gory show’, what is scary is mostly the unknown and some character’s motives. The structure also separates people, as there is no way for them to communicate with others outside of it. The series stars include Natalie Martinez (CSI:NY),Rachelle Lefevre (A gifted man), Dean Norris (Breaking Bad) and newcomer Alexander Koch. The cast balances between newer and more seasoned actors. Three episodes in, I really appreciate the fact that every character present has a storyline and they evolve through the crisis. You definitely feel that every person in Chester’s Mill has a dark secret and that they have their own reason as to why they are there. This is a show packed with suspense, which is sure to make you keep on guessing who is behind the Dome’s appearance-Conspiracy anyone? With all the reality TV and reruns out there; this is definitely a refreshing show to watch!

‘Under the Dome’ airs on Mondays on CBS and Global (Canada) at 10;00 PM.

My rating: 3 1/2 stars out of 5.


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