Aly & AJ ; back with a new sound

After five years of absence from the music scene, Aly and AJ Michalka now known as 78Violet are back, after having parted with Hollywood Records. July 8th, they released the music video for their single ‘Hothouse’ which will be on their new record set to be released in the following months. It is a great departure from their previous albums and sound which was more pop oriented even though the chorus  of this new piece is catchy. The music video itself shows a very different vibe that strays from their Disney Channel days , having started out as teens. It has a cinematic aesthetic as it starts off with a voice-over at the beginning and features breathtaking scenery and landscapes. Also, you immediately understand that Aly and AJ have grown up while watching the video. 78Violet has a more mature sound now that the duo is in their early twenties. They have had more life experience and have different artistic tastes and artistic visions. This has a direct impact on their writing and their musical influences. Having filmed their music video on their own, the sister-act has definitely worked on creating a distinct creative vision in which they actively took part in it. This new song has a whimsical and indie feel to it as well as somewhat of a slight 70s undertone with the instrumentals. After a long wait,their new sound is a pleasing surprise.They managed to come up with material that is fresh and innovative sure to satisfy their longtime fans who had been patiently waiting to hear more from them.

78Violet’s ‘Hothouse’ can now be purchased on iTunes and you can check out the music video down below!


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