What if ‘Swithed at birth’

After having done an all ASL episode of ‘Switched at Birth’ during the first season, the ABC Family hit show had a ‘What if’ episode last Monday.These kind of ‘special episodes’ are appealing, as they show the viewers a different way of storytelling and different writing styles, which keeps things fresh and intriguing. The drama is centered between two families. On one hand there’s Regina Vasquez who raised a redheaded deaf teenager, Daphne,with little money in a rough neighborhood and on the other hand is the Kennish family; the parents Katherine and John with their children Bay and their eldest son  Toby, who are going to private school and are wealthy. They learn that their daughters were switched at birth after Bay does a blood test in her biology class. After learning the news, the Kennishes take in Regina and Daphne in order to connect with their respective biological children. The ‘What if’ episode could of fallen flat as it could of been very cliché , not realistic or thought through. But the writers did a great job at delivering a heartfelt and informative episode, giving us a glimpse of what would of happened if John and Katherine would of known earlier about Daphne. It gives the viewers the chance of seeing what the characters would of been like. This alternative reality is ‘dreamt’ by John after he and Regina fight; she finds him on the kitchen floor. He had a seizure. The episode has a strong focus on every characters’ relationships with each other; the good as well as the bad aspects of them. It’s an episode that keeps you guessing as for what is going to happen next which is great. Even though it’s a fictional scenario, I’m sure that it will have at least a slight impact on John’s view of Regina which will hopefully be more positive from now on as he tells her at the end of the episode ‘I’m glad you’re here!’ as he wakes up in the hospital bed.

The follow-up episode will air tomorrow, July 15th on ABC Family at 9:00 PM.

I give this episode 3 and 1/2 stars.


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