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The second season of Aaron Sorkin’s acclaimed show ‘The Newsroom’ has started a few weeks ago, on July 14th. The HBO series starring many respected  and talented young as well as more seasoned actors centers on  Will McAvoy, a news anchor played by Jeff Daniels who has a new team of journalists working with him in addition to the tough and smart MacKenzie McHale (Emily Mortimer), the executive producer of the broadcast.

The show successfully manages to show complex relationships as well as delving into many aspects part of the ‘newsmaking’ process with precision (news pitches, research, fact-checking…). It’s a show where dialogue is very crucial; the script is final. Actors have to memorize very intricate phrases at times; No word can be left out from the script. There isn’t much leeway as Chris Messina explained on Jimmy Kimmel earlier last month. He guest-starred in this season as Reese Lansing. It is a great drama which keeps you on the edge of your seat at times. Also, if you are interested by journalism and communication, this is a very insightful show. Even though there are many characters, I found myself attached to them as the show follows each of their storylines throughout the episodes.

‘The Newsroom’ has a leading plot line, that will be explored throughout the season. As stated by the show’s creator; it’s very accessible to new viewers since it has a linear arc. As a new viewer myself, I found it easy to understand the dynamics between the characters and the writing is well delivered by the actors. I also noticed a not-so-subtle political critique notably by the ‘segments’ involving  Jim Harper(John Gallagher Jr.) who is following the 2011 American political campaign and Neal Sampat (Dev Patel) who is very interested by the Occupy movement. The way it is brought onto the screen is very refreshing and thought provoking, especially last Sunday’s episode ‘Willie Pete’.

I see much potential in the continuity of this show and rate it 4 stars.


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