The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Undeniably uplifting and funny

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a Netflix Original Series starring Ellie Kemper (The Office) as the title character. Recently rescued from a cult lead by Rev. Richard Wayne Gary Wayne (Jon Hamm) who kept her in a bunker for 15 years in Indiana, Kimmy embarks on a journey to rebuilt her life. She ends up in New York with a  colourful roommate named Titus who has  aspirations of fame and fortune.Clueless as to the current trends, lingo, technology and 21st century life in general, Ellie Kemper’s character ultimately strives to renew herself and find happiness. Kimmy Schmidt is quirky, weird, a very colourful-dresser and definitely marches to the sound of her own drum. Upon her arrival in N.Y.C, she stifles her past not wanting to be known as a “Mole woman”. This endeavor is sometimes difficult as she, as well as her ‘sisters’, were a top news story that captivated America. To keep anonymity, she stirs mystery as to where she’s come from, notably to her employer.

Although Kimmy’s personality is very optimistic and good , she is left with reminiscences of her days in the bunker. They appear in whimsical ways; she sometimes has nightmares and is scared of people who try to surprise her such as her love interests. However, Kimmy also preserves a thirst for knowledge and learning. The cult having limited her education to the 8th grade; she decides to return to school in order to complete her GED. After 15 years  spent in the bunker, she remains kind-spirited with a childlike curiosity about the world. I found that there are also many characteristics that likens Kimmy to a Disney princess. Her general state of happiness, joy and determination indeed recalls the tale of Cinderella. The Voorhees’ daughter Xan is the villain in this scenario as she is looking to break Kimmy and expose her secrets, even though in the end she appears to be harmless.

Broke in the city that never sleeps, Kimmy and her roommate struggle to find ways to pay rent.Titus who dreams of entertaining and glamour, initially works on the streets dressed as Ironman in Time Square. Kimmy Schmidt on the other hand, miraculously finds a job working for Jaqueline Voorhees (Jane Krakowski) as a babysitter for her son Buckley. The Voorhees family is extremely wealthy. It is also composed of Xan,  Mrs. Voorhees’ step-daughter who is constantly looking for trouble and is on to Kimmy’s past. As for Mr. Voorhees, he is away for business in Japan, which causes Jaqueline to unravel, as she suspects her husband is having an affair. The Voorhees’ are a dysfonctional and mostly narcissistic snobs that surprisingly find a confidante in Kimmy, this is especially true for Jaqueline (Krakowski).

This  comedy is  produced and created in part by Tina Fey.  It shows by the comedic delivery, the setting and the characters, notably by Jane Krakowski (Mrs. Voorhees) who previously worked with Fey. The overall feel of the show  is reminiscent of “30 Rock” (2006) who starred (and was created by) Tina Fey although, “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is very playful and its characters are larger than life .

All in all, this series is charming and amusing. It features catchy songs and one-liners , just listen to ‘Peeno Noir’ (or Titus breaking into song throughout the show ), hear Kimmy say: “Titus, I’m cinderelling!” or “Gosh dangit!”. I would recommend watching this show, if you are looking for something entertaining and funny. Ultimately, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a satire of a doomsday cult, of its leader and the women who were freed. Even though the series explores more serious themes, it is always done in a comedic and nonchalant way, such as her testimony where she is represented by oblivious lawyers. The show never takes itself really seriously. In the end, Kimmy makes a mends with her past by serving justice and confronting the Indiana doomsday cult leader once and for all. Hence, she is ‘unbreakable’.


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