Brooklyn Nine-Nine: A Cop show done flawlessly

Brooklyn Nine-Nine centers on Detective Jake Peralta played by Andy Samberg known for Saturday Night Live and group The Lonely Island. He portrays an immature, childish, charmingly-annoying (only to some!) yet very efficient cop. He has good instincts and frequent hunches that often pan out. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a Fox network comedy which has at its helm The Office and Parks and Recreation creators Michael Shur and Daniel J. Goor. Only knowing that fact sets this office- comedy’s tone. Effectively,the show’s cast ensemble act in cohesion, not surprisingly reminiscent of the cast from The Office which is a winning element. In both shows, every character plays an important role and has their own moments involving them in the plot of each episode.

Peralta enjoys poking fun at his colleagues, particularly the precinct’s new chief in command Captain Holt. As much as he strives to make him laugh, he also doesn’t want to disappoint him.Braugher embodies the stern captain’s professionalism with a unique sense of humor. He brilliantly captures the stoic, calm and serious personality of his character with a dash of wit and incredible wordplay. Braugher’s constant balancing act between comedy and procedure is what makes him award worthy; he is nominated for an Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Comedy this year. Peralta’s best friend and partner Boyle is equal parts obnoxious, loyal and friendly. He is undoubtedly Peralta’s right hand man and biggest supporter.Their colleagues also include badass leading ladies: perfectionist Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero), straight-talker Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) and the captain’s assistant; social butterfly and self-proclaimed queen Gina Linetti (comedian Chelsea Peretti). The three of them form an unlikely bond; they are especially close when seeking advice and solving crime. Supporting Captain Holt and overseeing the detective squad is Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews). Although he has an imposing stature, he is a sensible familyman who assures the team’s efficiency.

In the 99th precinct teamwork is crucial both on and off the field as one would expect it to be the case in real life. As sappy as it sounds the team’s members are colleagues but also great friends. They have each other’s back and confide in one another. The chemistry transcends through the screen and is believable. The constant banter between Jake and Amy brings out her playful and competitive sides out of her normally type-A personality. They often place bets concerning their performances or the team. For instance, Amy and Jake kept a scoreboard with the number of arrest they made throughout the first season. Whoever lost their longtime bet had to do whatever the winner wanted them to do for a day. The Nine-Nine particularly work together to subdue the captain’s arch nemesis and superior Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch (Kyra Sedgwick) who is always hatching plans to destroy his career because of a long-time feud.

Most often cop shows on television  are overtly ruthless, gory and gritty. The officers often seek revenge and harsh. Brooklyn Nine-Nine plays on these stereotypes, as it is a parody of the many procedural shows that are on the air. The show mixes satire with discipline and work ethics. Similarly to procedural shows, the Nine-Nine mainly focuses on a crime or an investigation per episode. These range from car theft, kidnapping, drug trafficking to identity theft. They work with partners, do stakeouts and even go undercover in order to catch criminals.

In the end, the show’s creators have managed to create an atmosphere that makes you root for the Nine-Nine and hope that they succeed as crime fighters.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s season 1 and 2 are now streaming on Netflix. The awaited third season will premiere on September 27th on Fox.

I rate the show 4/5, it’s an entertaining and hilarious comedy with a big heart that leaves you wanting more.


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