Sense8 is gripping and uniquely intriguing 

Netflix dropped Sense8 in early June, its newest series which offers an interesting and thought-provoking premise. Eight people living in different countries and leading completely different lives are somehow linked together by a strange connection. It enables them to teleport to other countries and interact with their seven fellow sensate through a mysterious mind link. There is : ‘hacktivist’ Nomi (Jamie Clayton) from San Francisco, Chicago cop Will (Brian J. Smith), Berlin thief Wolfgang (Max Riemelt), telenovela actor Lito (Miguel A. Sylvestre), Sun (Doona Bae) from Seoul , London-based Icelandic DJ Riley (Tuppence Middleton), Nairobi bus driver Capheus (Aml Ameen) and bride-to-be Kala (Tina Desai) from Mumbai. They all have unique abilities: computer skills,strength and courage, fighting skills and fearlessness, lying (acting), martial arts, empathy, driving and chemical knowledge respectively.

These 8 characters become intertwined, lending their skills to each other, particularly  when one of them is facing situations that are life-threatening. Indeed, the sensates come to the aid of one another, offering advice or even skills through time and space. For example, Sun who has martial art skills comes to the rescue of Capheus whose van full of passengers is attacked by vile thieves in Kenya. While both are being provoked in similar ways, Sun’s ability transfers through Capheus. Even though they live in different countries and speak different langages, they are able to communicate and understand each other easily. All sensate are able to communicate and interact effortlessly, whether they like it or not. As one can imagine, it is  difficult to grasp this ability at first. Also, each character sheds light on different issues and inner turmoils such as: homosexuality, bullying, being transgender and questioning religion and capitalism.

The storytelling switches back and forth between the characters and parts of their personal histories, which could be tricky for some to keep up with. This series requires patience and understanding, which is a different form of storytelling that some of us might be used to. Thus, it isn’t for everyone, especially if you prefer fast-paced and noncomplex plots. Time is essential to build up the intrigues and set the context for Sense8. It’s only after a couple of episode that characters’ background and circumstances are fully established in the viewer’s mind. You have to hold on and believe in the special nature of the story to finally see it as a whole. The acting is amazing from each actor (actors playing secondary characters also). Most of them were not very known to the american public, myself included prior to the release of the series. This makes for the discovery of great talent who experience a gamet of emotions in 12 thrilling episodes. Every episode follows each sensate, wherever they are in the world.The series was shot on location, which provides lavish landscapes and scenery from: London, Mumbai, Seoul, Mexico City, Chicago, San Francisco, Berlin and a few parts were shot in Iceland. This adds greatly to the visual value of the show.

Sense8 is a melting pot of genres, there is suspense, action-packed fighting sequences as well as great romantic connections that unfold seamlessly. The romances that develop, although coming from peculiar circumstances, sensates can feel what other sensate experience and are thinking; they blossom in a convincing manner. The sharing of thoughts and emotions make them appear as soulmates. Furthermore, their newfound ability to interact in such an intimate way brings a very deep connection and a sense of belonging that brings them closer together. Sense8 seems to show the impact of globalization and the vasteness of information which makes communication in this century even more efficient and broad than ever before. It paints a picture of what this means accross nations. Each character has an urge to follow their instincts and help others around them even if they are miles away and are strangers at first. Ultimately, I admired the strong bond between the characters and their compassion. This show demonstrates that we are all people and no matter where we live or our own circumstances; we share an undeniable connection.

If you are looking for something captivating, uniques and challenging, look no further. Sense8 provides a unique viewing experience.This Original Netflix Series brings 8 strangers together with a not- so -far- fetched ability forming a heroic brigade of sorts. Their ongoing journey meshes darkness accompanied by wit and humor. The chemistry established is strong and riveting, notably in the finale.

Sidenote: Season 2 has been confirmed recently which means the sensates’ story is far from over!


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