Brooklyn Nine Nine, ‘New Captain’ Recap

In the season three premiere, the elevator doors finally open and revealed the new captain played by Bill Hader. Capt. Dozerman has a fragile heart; he has at least two almost-heart attacks in under 10 minutes! He is also obsessive about numbers and stressed out of his mind. Dozerman definitely does not compare to Capt. Holt (Andre Braugher).

Meanwhile, Holt and Gina’s(Chelsea Peretti) reassignement to the PR departement takes effect, to Wunch’s great amusement. However, the pigeon (the precinct’s new mascot) does rise, thanks to a pep talk by Gina.

Concerning matters of the heart, Jake and Amy are  trying  to define their new romantic relationship.”Light and breezy” is Jake and Amy’s relationship motto. As they go on their first date, they navigate extreme awkwardness. It leaves them weirded out at first, but then things speed up (or rather heat up!). In order to try to make sense of things, Santiago laid down the rules including ‘no sex’ which they rapidly broke. Boyle is heavily shipping Jake and Amy as a couple and probes both of them, until they come clean to the team. Not long after, Amy shares to Jake that she wishes they remain only colleagues because of the complicated nature of their romance. Peralta is visibly disapointed but agrees.

At the end of the first episode of season 3, Bill Hader’s character suffers from an actual heart attack upon seeing Jake and Amy make out in the evidence room. Santiago and Peralta decide to give their romance another chance. Aditionally, a new captain is introduced, none other than the canniving detective also know as ‘The Vulture’.


In Your Eyes (2014)

Still of Zoe Kazan in In Your Eyes from TFF

A woman and a man in different parts of the United States; New Hampshire and New Mexico respectively, are telepathically linked. An unlikely bond forms between an ex-convict and a young married woman. They are able to feel, see, smell and communicate through their minds. That is the premise of In Your Eyes, a Joss Whedon-written and produced independent film*, which was selected at the Tribeca film festival in 2014.

Rebecca (Zoe Kazan) is a housewife married to a doctor (Mark Feuerstein) who under glossy exteriors holds a certain power over her.  In New Mexico, Dylan  (Michael Stahl-David) an ex-con on probation is living  in a mobile home and struggles to better himself. Upon discovering their new found ability, intimate conversations ensue between Rebecca and Dylan. They learn to know each other and try to understand how their telepathic bond came to be. They learn that their first connection happened as children, when Rebecca hit a tree when sliding on a snowy mountain. At the time, both felt the pain and were briefly unconscious. This shows the physicality of their mental link. They also come to discover that they were present throughout the others’ life during good and more difficult times. Indeed, they watched over each other during critical moments of their lives without knowing it as they felt an another presence.

Self consciousness, solidarity and comfort are gradually felt and shared by both. Deep conversations, trade of knowledge and know-how are also exchanged, thanks to their mystical connection. It provides quirky and fun moments especially when socializing. Kazan and Stahl-David aptly portray their character’s anxieties, insecurities as well as their long for closeness. A secret and uplifting relationship enfolds between Becky and Dylan with playfulness, chemistry and trust.

Philip, Becky’s husband, eventually comes to suspect something is up with her. He consult one of his colleagues, a psychotherapist who suggest she is suffering from a psychopathic behaviour. This calls for trouble for Kazan’s character becomes committed to a mental hospital by the hands of her husband. Comedy, drama and hints of sci-f i (only by their telepathic connection) subtlety evolves into action, notably a car chase and bar fights realistically.  Rebecca and Dylan bring confidence in one another and become stronger. In the end it is a not-so-impossible love story which enables both Dylan and Rebecca to break free from trouble and unhealthy relationships.

*Streaming on Netflix

Emmys 2015: The Top Moments

Sunday September 20th were held The 67th annual Emmy Awards. The show hosted by comedian and actor Andy Samberg had some great comedic moments as well as emotionally charged speeches. Below are a few of the standouts which already to set a blaze the Internet .

Some of the night’s most memorable moments:

  1. The opening musical number in which host Andy Samberg sang a tune including every title nominated as he binge-watched every show to prepare for his Emmy gig.                                                                                                
  2. Ricky Gervais brilliantly parodies winning an Emmy by accepting a fake one…
  3. Jimmy Kimmel realized the power Emmy presenters have and decided to eat the envelop and declare Matt Leblanc the winner.
  4. Uzo Aduba (Orange Is The New Black) wins for best supporting actress in a drama series and delivers an emotional and joy-filled speech.

ALL THE TEARS, UZO! ALL THE TEARS.                                                                     Kevin Winter / Getty Images

5. Tatiana Maslany and Tony Hale appear in a skit on the red carpet fighting over a can of beans.

6.Viola Davis wins lead actress in a drama series. A snippet of her powerful speech:

“You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there,” she said in her acceptance speech. “So here’s to all the writers, the awesome people that are Ben Sherwood, Paul Lee, Peter Nowalk, Shonda Rhimes, people who have redefined what it means to be beautiful, to be sexy, to be a leading woman, to be black.”

7. Tracy Morgan triumphantly returns to television after a year of absence do to a serious accident.

To watch a video recap of these moments:

Get Ready For Season Four Of The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project fans were heartbroken when FOX announced it was cancelling the show earlier this summer. Soon enough, Hulu stepped in and picked up the Mindy Kaling created show. Thus promising a longer fourth season with 26 episodes and a broader creative freedom. Since the new season starts tomorrow, September 15th, you might want to get caught up. If you haven’t binge-watched the third season of The Mindy Project already , it was loaded with firsts including: meeting Danny’s mom, moving in, lessons in confidence, falling in love and having an unplanned pregnancy…

Indeed, things got real serious. Especially, when the lovable friends turned couple Dr. Mindy Lahiri (Kaling) and Dr. Danny Catellano’s (Chris Messina) relationship soared to new heights, heading for a joy-filled and unforeseeable future.

Mindy rapidly expands her horizons which leads to hints of a more fulfilling career when new opportunities arose. She gets a fellowship at Stanford University and eventually opens her own fertility clinic in New York. On the love front, her relationship with Danny brings talks about the long-term while still not being set in stone. The couple is excited but also apprehends a future together which will include their surprise baby who will be born in the upcoming fourth season. This joyous spirit does not come without its dose of doubt, fears and questions. Both are scared of not being ready nor fit to be parents.  They even unsuccessfully tried to change each others’ habits for the sake of the baby. Danny attempted to convince Mindy to abandon her junk food ways, while she insisted he stop smoking. Needless to say the result wasn’t great. The couple also starts to think more seriously about marriage, religion, their families as well as moving in together.

To Mindy’s content, she finally becomes part of the Castellano clan with her little one on the way. Indeed, Annette ‘Ma’ Castellano (Rhea Perlman) finally gives Mindy her approval and accepts her in the family. Danny’s mother ends up giving him some much needed tough love. Perlman isn’t the only famous guest-star who made an appearance on the show’s third season. Stephen Colbert and Lavern Cox respectively played Danny’s new priest and Tamra’s cousin. Cox played cousin Sheena who gave some advice to boost Mindy’s moral when she struggled with her baby-bump showing.

In the last episode of the season ‘Best Man’, Mindy questions the strength of her relationship with Danny, when he fails to show up at a dinner with her parents. Elsewhere, Dr Jeremy Reed potentially finds love (Christin Milloti), when he gets back in the dating game. Milloti is set to return in season four as the straight-laced and opinionated Whitney. Peter on the other hand moves to Texas and pursues Lauren while Morgan and Jessica’s (Julia Stiles) relationship is short-lived. In the last episode of the third season, Mindy is reunited with her exes by Morgan who misinterprets a conversation. This leads him to think that Danny is not the father of Mindy’s unborn child.The season ends with a glimpse into Peter’s wedding to Lauren and seeing Danny traveling to India in order to finally meet Mindy’s parents and tells them he is in love with Mindy. In other words, he is definitely all in!

Mindy Kaling and Ike Barinholtz who are writers for the show have repeatedly said in interviews that they will keep the essence of The Mindy Project and will not drastically change its tone while it changes distributor. After all, the show’s fanbase is composed in good part with teenagers and young adults, who look to Kaling as a role model (forever known as Beyonce Pad Thai). Hence, they wouldn’t want to completely scratch the vibe and destabilize the audience they established when the show aired on FOX.

Season four of The Mindy Project is sure to bring a lot of new problems and realities for Mindy and Danny as they navigate through parenthood as well as the Lahiri Fertility Clinic. We will additionally have the chance to meet Mindy’s parents and see them interact with Annette Castellano. Banter, the unexpected and even new love connections are to make their way into this new installment of the adventures of Mindy and Danny. Dr. Lahiri and Dr. Castellano are still maneuvering the waters, as they try to get along and make a mends with their  opposite views and temperaments. This means we can expect hilarity to ensue and life-changing experiences.

Photo:The Mindy Project (Hulu)

Spotlight On: Orphan Black

If for some reason you haven’t yet found the gem that is Orphan Black, please do yourself a favor and start watching! Orphan Black is a hybrid mixing suspense, science-fiction, thriller, romance and even comedy. A combination which is absolutely worth watching. It showcases Emmy-nominated actor Tatiana Maslany who portrays an array of different women-clones actually- with each their own diverse backgrounds, interests and motivations.

Season 1 opened with Sara Manning (Maslany) witnessing the suicide of a woman who looks strikingly like her. That woman happened to be a detective named Beth Childs. Being down on her luck, London-born Sara assumes the stranger’s identity. She views this ‘opportunity’ as an easy way to solve her problems and salvage her estranged relationship with her family, that includes her brother Felix and her young daughter Kira. She makes a mends with them whilst getting to grips with the mysteries that began the moment she warily took Beth’s home and husband Paul (Dylan Bruce). Her stint impersonating Detective Childs also brings her to work with her partner Art Bell who was close to the deceased. They eventually become allies of sorts and help each other out when in need.

Sara Manning discovers that other women share her face. A startling fact that brings her to meet and develop a great bond with diametrically different people. Sara is introduced to: Cosima, a scientist; Allison a suburban mom, and Helena, who simply does her own thing with (most might say) psychopathic tendencies coupled with a heart of gold, or at least loyalty to family… Although the clones share a same physique, they are by no means identical spirits or personalities. Each has their own struggles, voice, gait, traits and style. They form an unlikely bond or rater a sisterhood, as they find out some people are hunting them down.The women quickly come to realize that they are not the only ones sharing identical genetics. By working together, they come to discover others like them. The clones additionally learn that they were part of  a scientific experiment led by an organization whose people have their own disturbing agenda. Finding and understanding the reasons that explain their existence results in an ongoing, ambiguous and very tumultuous mission. It leads to mind-blowing connections, implications and gives them a glimpse into the grand-scale nature of their conception.

This is the kind of series that sucks you in from the first moment you watch it. Addicting , mysterious and thrilling, the 10-episode seasons are fast-paced and deliver the goods. By that I mean, you will find everything sure to keep your attention. Each episode ranges from drama, action sequences, humor (especially from the ever-so dynamic Allison), touching moments as well as betrayal and revenge. It is unequivocally a recipe for success and guaranteed entertainment and intrigue. The show keeps you on your toes, bringing you to frequently question yourself on the character’s intentions and loyalty. Thus it is a suspenseful tale that never stops to captivate the viewer.

The show constantly adds new faces to the mix whether it be clones, love interests or even dangerous enemies menacing Sara and her sisters.The third season of Orphan Black did all of that by introducing new male clones portrayed by Ari Allen, who is briefly seen in season 2 . Most of the clones he portrays are clearly up to no good and shed light on a revealing truth about the organizations that brought all of them to life. A predominant theme in the show is the importance of family and doing everything possible to keep the ones you love safe from harm. Happiness often appears as an illusion, or rather something most characters long for. They each get moments of joy, only the storm is never far behind.

Rating Orphan Black (including the recent third season): 4/5

The release of the fourth season is set in Summer 2016, the show airs on BBC America and Space (Canada).

Feature photo: Orphan Black Official Facebook

A Short Guide To Fall TV Premieres 2015

Pilot season is upon us, this means that a handful of shows will bask in glory while others will dramatically end as quickly as they appeared on our silver screens.Here are some recommendations to help guide anyone who is perhaps looking for something knew to add to their “To Watch List” this fall. I have also indicated some shows that I will return to as they will offer a fresh new season  starting in these upcoming weeks.

New shows to look forward to:

Heroes Reborn (Thursday September 24th)

Heroes Reborn is a sequel to the ground-breaking series Heroes (2006-2010). It will feature some of the original cast including Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet) and Masi Oka (Hiro). Even though the last season of the original show was a let-down, Heroes Reborn promises action and suspense. In the trailer, heroes are being hunted down after a terrorist attack for which they are blamed for. One of the titular villains or bad guys will be played by Zachary Levi’s character. The series will also introduce new people with special abilities including Robbie Kay (Once Upon A Time) and Danika Yarosh (Law & Order: SVU).

Quantico (Sunday September 27th)

Established actor and former Miss India, Pryanka Chopra heads Quantico, ABC’S newest drama. The show centers on FBI agents that are being pit against each other, when a terrorist attack appears to have been orchestrated by an insider. Alex Parrish (Chopra) is the prime suspect, to her bewilderment.

Shows to return to:

The Mindy Project (Tuesday September 15th)

The cast of The Mindy Project attending at the Hulu TCA panel in August.

Having been  recently cancelled by FOX and then picked up by Hulu, the upcoming forth season of The Mindy Project opens the door to change. An important growth and evolution is to be expected of hot-headed Dr Castellano and the fierce Dr Lahiri who will give birth as the shows creator Mindy Lahiri confirmed via Instagram. We can expect more hilarity and heartfelt moments as the show will have 26 episodes on Hulu  whilst it had 22 at FOX.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Sunday September 27th)

At the end of the second season, we were left with a cliffhanger, a new captain was joining the precinct. Bill Hader was announced as the man to replace Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) ,who left for a PR job. We can expect his return to his rightful role of captain to take time,at least the beginning of the season. We will also get to see Amy and Jake explore their new romantic relationship and their never ending banter to continue.

iZombie (Tuesday October 6th)

You can expect more murder solving and brain eating from doctor turned zombie Liv Moore. She will continue to aid Detective Babineaux  with her “psychic visions”. We can also look forward to know what the future holds for Liv and Major’s relationship, now that he is aware of her being a zombie.