A Short Guide To Fall TV Premieres 2015

Pilot season is upon us, this means that a handful of shows will bask in glory while others will dramatically end as quickly as they appeared on our silver screens.Here are some recommendations to help guide anyone who is perhaps looking for something knew to add to their “To Watch List” this fall. I have also indicated some shows that I will return to as they will offer a fresh new season  starting in these upcoming weeks.

New shows to look forward to:

Heroes Reborn (Thursday September 24th)

Heroes Reborn is a sequel to the ground-breaking series Heroes (2006-2010). It will feature some of the original cast including Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet) and Masi Oka (Hiro). Even though the last season of the original show was a let-down, Heroes Reborn promises action and suspense. In the trailer, heroes are being hunted down after a terrorist attack for which they are blamed for. One of the titular villains or bad guys will be played by Zachary Levi’s character. The series will also introduce new people with special abilities including Robbie Kay (Once Upon A Time) and Danika Yarosh (Law & Order: SVU).

Quantico (Sunday September 27th)

Established actor and former Miss India, Pryanka Chopra heads Quantico, ABC’S newest drama. The show centers on FBI agents that are being pit against each other, when a terrorist attack appears to have been orchestrated by an insider. Alex Parrish (Chopra) is the prime suspect, to her bewilderment.

Shows to return to:

The Mindy Project (Tuesday September 15th)

The cast of The Mindy Project attending at the Hulu TCA panel in August.

Having been  recently cancelled by FOX and then picked up by Hulu, the upcoming forth season of The Mindy Project opens the door to change. An important growth and evolution is to be expected of hot-headed Dr Castellano and the fierce Dr Lahiri who will give birth as the shows creator Mindy Lahiri confirmed via Instagram. We can expect more hilarity and heartfelt moments as the show will have 26 episodes on Hulu  whilst it had 22 at FOX.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Sunday September 27th)

At the end of the second season, we were left with a cliffhanger, a new captain was joining the precinct. Bill Hader was announced as the man to replace Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) ,who left for a PR job. We can expect his return to his rightful role of captain to take time,at least the beginning of the season. We will also get to see Amy and Jake explore their new romantic relationship and their never ending banter to continue.

iZombie (Tuesday October 6th)

You can expect more murder solving and brain eating from doctor turned zombie Liv Moore. She will continue to aid Detective Babineaux  with her “psychic visions”. We can also look forward to know what the future holds for Liv and Major’s relationship, now that he is aware of her being a zombie.


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