Get Ready For Season Four Of The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project fans were heartbroken when FOX announced it was cancelling the show earlier this summer. Soon enough, Hulu stepped in and picked up the Mindy Kaling created show. Thus promising a longer fourth season with 26 episodes and a broader creative freedom. Since the new season starts tomorrow, September 15th, you might want to get caught up. If you haven’t binge-watched the third season of The Mindy Project already , it was loaded with firsts including: meeting Danny’s mom, moving in, lessons in confidence, falling in love and having an unplanned pregnancy…

Indeed, things got real serious. Especially, when the lovable friends turned couple Dr. Mindy Lahiri (Kaling) and Dr. Danny Catellano’s (Chris Messina) relationship soared to new heights, heading for a joy-filled and unforeseeable future.

Mindy rapidly expands her horizons which leads to hints of a more fulfilling career when new opportunities arose. She gets a fellowship at Stanford University and eventually opens her own fertility clinic in New York. On the love front, her relationship with Danny brings talks about the long-term while still not being set in stone. The couple is excited but also apprehends a future together which will include their surprise baby who will be born in the upcoming fourth season. This joyous spirit does not come without its dose of doubt, fears and questions. Both are scared of not being ready nor fit to be parents.  They even unsuccessfully tried to change each others’ habits for the sake of the baby. Danny attempted to convince Mindy to abandon her junk food ways, while she insisted he stop smoking. Needless to say the result wasn’t great. The couple also starts to think more seriously about marriage, religion, their families as well as moving in together.

To Mindy’s content, she finally becomes part of the Castellano clan with her little one on the way. Indeed, Annette ‘Ma’ Castellano (Rhea Perlman) finally gives Mindy her approval and accepts her in the family. Danny’s mother ends up giving him some much needed tough love. Perlman isn’t the only famous guest-star who made an appearance on the show’s third season. Stephen Colbert and Lavern Cox respectively played Danny’s new priest and Tamra’s cousin. Cox played cousin Sheena who gave some advice to boost Mindy’s moral when she struggled with her baby-bump showing.

In the last episode of the season ‘Best Man’, Mindy questions the strength of her relationship with Danny, when he fails to show up at a dinner with her parents. Elsewhere, Dr Jeremy Reed potentially finds love (Christin Milloti), when he gets back in the dating game. Milloti is set to return in season four as the straight-laced and opinionated Whitney. Peter on the other hand moves to Texas and pursues Lauren while Morgan and Jessica’s (Julia Stiles) relationship is short-lived. In the last episode of the third season, Mindy is reunited with her exes by Morgan who misinterprets a conversation. This leads him to think that Danny is not the father of Mindy’s unborn child.The season ends with a glimpse into Peter’s wedding to Lauren and seeing Danny traveling to India in order to finally meet Mindy’s parents and tells them he is in love with Mindy. In other words, he is definitely all in!

Mindy Kaling and Ike Barinholtz who are writers for the show have repeatedly said in interviews that they will keep the essence of The Mindy Project and will not drastically change its tone while it changes distributor. After all, the show’s fanbase is composed in good part with teenagers and young adults, who look to Kaling as a role model (forever known as Beyonce Pad Thai). Hence, they wouldn’t want to completely scratch the vibe and destabilize the audience they established when the show aired on FOX.

Season four of The Mindy Project is sure to bring a lot of new problems and realities for Mindy and Danny as they navigate through parenthood as well as the Lahiri Fertility Clinic. We will additionally have the chance to meet Mindy’s parents and see them interact with Annette Castellano. Banter, the unexpected and even new love connections are to make their way into this new installment of the adventures of Mindy and Danny. Dr. Lahiri and Dr. Castellano are still maneuvering the waters, as they try to get along and make a mends with their  opposite views and temperaments. This means we can expect hilarity to ensue and life-changing experiences.

Photo:The Mindy Project (Hulu)


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