In Your Eyes (2014)

Still of Zoe Kazan in In Your Eyes from TFF

A woman and a man in different parts of the United States; New Hampshire and New Mexico respectively, are telepathically linked. An unlikely bond forms between an ex-convict and a young married woman. They are able to feel, see, smell and communicate through their minds. That is the premise of In Your Eyes, a Joss Whedon-written and produced independent film*, which was selected at the Tribeca film festival in 2014.

Rebecca (Zoe Kazan) is a housewife married to a doctor (Mark Feuerstein) who under glossy exteriors holds a certain power over her.  In New Mexico, Dylan  (Michael Stahl-David) an ex-con on probation is living  in a mobile home and struggles to better himself. Upon discovering their new found ability, intimate conversations ensue between Rebecca and Dylan. They learn to know each other and try to understand how their telepathic bond came to be. They learn that their first connection happened as children, when Rebecca hit a tree when sliding on a snowy mountain. At the time, both felt the pain and were briefly unconscious. This shows the physicality of their mental link. They also come to discover that they were present throughout the others’ life during good and more difficult times. Indeed, they watched over each other during critical moments of their lives without knowing it as they felt an another presence.

Self consciousness, solidarity and comfort are gradually felt and shared by both. Deep conversations, trade of knowledge and know-how are also exchanged, thanks to their mystical connection. It provides quirky and fun moments especially when socializing. Kazan and Stahl-David aptly portray their character’s anxieties, insecurities as well as their long for closeness. A secret and uplifting relationship enfolds between Becky and Dylan with playfulness, chemistry and trust.

Philip, Becky’s husband, eventually comes to suspect something is up with her. He consult one of his colleagues, a psychotherapist who suggest she is suffering from a psychopathic behaviour. This calls for trouble for Kazan’s character becomes committed to a mental hospital by the hands of her husband. Comedy, drama and hints of sci-f i (only by their telepathic connection) subtlety evolves into action, notably a car chase and bar fights realistically.  Rebecca and Dylan bring confidence in one another and become stronger. In the end it is a not-so-impossible love story which enables both Dylan and Rebecca to break free from trouble and unhealthy relationships.

*Streaming on Netflix


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