Brooklyn Nine Nine, ‘New Captain’ Recap

In the season three premiere, the elevator doors finally open and revealed the new captain played by Bill Hader. Capt. Dozerman has a fragile heart; he has at least two almost-heart attacks in under 10 minutes! He is also obsessive about numbers and stressed out of his mind. Dozerman definitely does not compare to Capt. Holt (Andre Braugher).

Meanwhile, Holt and Gina’s(Chelsea Peretti) reassignement to the PR departement takes effect, to Wunch’s great amusement. However, the pigeon (the precinct’s new mascot) does rise, thanks to a pep talk by Gina.

Concerning matters of the heart, Jake and Amy are  trying  to define their new romantic relationship.”Light and breezy” is Jake and Amy’s relationship motto. As they go on their first date, they navigate extreme awkwardness. It leaves them weirded out at first, but then things speed up (or rather heat up!). In order to try to make sense of things, Santiago laid down the rules including ‘no sex’ which they rapidly broke. Boyle is heavily shipping Jake and Amy as a couple and probes both of them, until they come clean to the team. Not long after, Amy shares to Jake that she wishes they remain only colleagues because of the complicated nature of their romance. Peralta is visibly disapointed but agrees.

At the end of the first episode of season 3, Bill Hader’s character suffers from an actual heart attack upon seeing Jake and Amy make out in the evidence room. Santiago and Peralta decide to give their romance another chance. Aditionally, a new captain is introduced, none other than the canniving detective also know as ‘The Vulture’.


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