‘Quantico’, A Melodramatic Battlefield

This drama and crime series is frontlined by Indian actress Priyanka Chopra. ‘Quantico’ comes from the mind of  former ‘Gossip Girl’ writer and ‘Smash’ executive-producer Joshua Safran. Although themes such as crime and mystery might seem left-field for him, the show succeeds. The network even added more episodes to its first season, now totaling to 19 episodes. Some things are evidently done right.This show has undoubtedly Shonda Rhimes qualities and characteristics. It presents strong female characters who are non apologetically bad-ass. It has universal appeal, with a wide range of diverse characters coming from different walks of life. As recruits for the FBI, each trainee has to prove themselves and show their strengths to impress officers O’Connor (Josh Hopkins) and Shaw (Aunjanue Ellis).  They also have to make strides to preserve their spot in the famous institute.

‘Quantico’ is a who dunnit with a twist, as each episode operates in a two-time narrative. First, there is the present day where Parrish (Chopra) is accused of leading a terrorist attack from inside the FBI during her training. Second, are flashbacks which give insights on the other trainees: their personal histories and their relationships. These provide background and complementary information aiding the viewer to try to figure out who was the mastermind behind the devastating attack. In that sense, everyone is a suspect and may have a motive that prompted them to orchestrate this devilish plan.

Indeed, after each episode, another recruit appears to be incriminating. I have to admit that the first episode which premiered last September hadn’t completely convinced me to stick around. Although it had good moments,it hadn’t made me long for more. Upon recommendation and because of Chopra’s charm on screen, I decided to give the show a second chance. ‘Quantico’ grows better as each episode unfolds, more drama, twists and turns make light of day and nourishes the storytelling. If at first it seemed predictable and unauthentic (law enforcement proceedings-wise, the last moments of the first episode come to mind…). What I mean to say is that in ‘Quantico‘ dramatic sometimes prevails over realistic. In that first episode were jammed-back hints of every recruit’s backstory to instill in the viewers the notion that, once again, every single one of them could of done it. On the other hand, this also makes place for a lot of character development and many layers to one’s story. Gradually, the series does get breezier. It focuses on a number of story lines, without becoming overwhelming.

Overall, the FBI Academy in ‘Quantico’, as a whole is aesthetically appealing. Beautiful people and up to date facilities and exotic locations are set in order for each recruit to try to better themselves. Every episode brings an exercise to be completed and an ability to be learned. It’s a race against time as well as competing against their colleagues; knowing their strengths and exploiting their weaknesses. Some of the missions include: safely freeing hostages, finding evidence and creating a persona to go undercover. Knowing how to  play nice and work under pressure becomes essential. There is also glamour and flings behind the though job they are preparing to enter.  The show sometimes seem soap opera-esque, especially the lust and the banter between characters in certain scenes. An important redeeming quality of ‘Quantico’ are supporting roles namely Simon Asher (Tate Ellington)whose intentions are never clear and has many layers to his personality. Chopra as the leading lady is also refreshing as she brings a certain sincerity. Both of their portrayal are complex and multifaceted which is one good reason you might find yourself coming back to the show.

Are you looking for something entertaining but not too intricate and a likable and fierce heroine? Then, ‘Quantico’ might be your next favorite show of this fall’s lineup. It currently airs on Sunday nights on ABC.

My rating of ‘Quantico’ five episodes-in: 3.5/5


Adele says ‘Hello’ Again After 4 Years Off

Thursday, it was announced that Adele would be releasing soon a new single for her upcoming album ’25’. As her last album ’21’ had acclaimed success back in 2011, it is to be expected that her latest project receives a lot of love as well. Adele still has a solid fan base notably on social media. Her return certainly does not come unnoticed. Her new tune brings growth and consistency in her vocal talents and image. Her new song ‘Hello’ is a gut-wrenching power ballad about trying to reconnect and possibly making amends with lost love. These are themes that will be central and thoroughly explored on her upcoming album. As the songstress teased on Twitter in an open-letter addressed to her 23.5 million followers, the idea of making up will be important on ’25’.

As for the music video for ‘Hello’, it plays on a very neutral palette, as the entire video is in a sepia color calling to the past. It was directed by acclaimed Canadian director Xavier Dolan. It is simple, minimalist but not to be underestimated. Starting out with Adele talking briefly on the phone,  with sunglasses and her back to the camera; there are many cinematic elements. The atmosphere established is lightly reminiscent of those of film noir . There is confusion as to the state of the relationship she is singing about. For instance, there are hints indicating that the lover has passed to the other side. The styling also evokes another period. ‘Hello’ has an aerie vibe bringing as well melancholy, as Adele mulls over and tries to reconcile with a lost love.

’25’ can now be pre-ordered and will be available on November 20th.

Featured image: @adele

What’s Going On?

This post could as easily been titled “Consistency:The Struggle Is Real”…

This is the last year of my Bachelor’s degree. It has started roughly a month ago and I can already foresee and picture the infinite work , lectures and checklist ahead (basically any University student’s life). Hence I haven’t posted as much as previous months (for the time being). I am however meeting my minimum goal which is to post at least once a week. Additionally, I am on Twitter daily, I find it is an easier way to share insightful articles and interact, so feel free to join me! @_Artisticviews_

I have also taken the Blogging 201 course here on WordPress. I have hopes that it will help me develop my competences and skills. Having taken a cinema class this semester called ‘Cinema, gender and sexuality’, I am entertaining the idea of posting thoughts about the class’ filmography.  This could be an easy way to ensure consistency of content. Does this sound like an interesting concept? I would like feedback, as to know if this sounds like a good and potentially interesting idea!