What’s Going On?

This post could as easily been titled “Consistency:The Struggle Is Real”…

This is the last year of my Bachelor’s degree. It has started roughly a month ago and I can already foresee and picture the infinite work , lectures and checklist ahead (basically any University student’s life). Hence I haven’t posted as much as previous months (for the time being). I am however meeting my minimum goal which is to post at least once a week. Additionally, I am on Twitter daily, I find it is an easier way to share insightful articles and interact, so feel free to join me! @_Artisticviews_

I have also taken the Blogging 201 course here on WordPress. I have hopes that it will help me develop my competences and skills. Having taken a cinema class this semester called ‘Cinema, gender and sexuality’, I am entertaining the idea of posting thoughts about the class’ filmography.  This could be an easy way to ensure consistency of content. Does this sound like an interesting concept? I would like feedback, as to know if this sounds like a good and potentially interesting idea!


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