Adele says ‘Hello’ Again After 4 Years Off

Thursday, it was announced that Adele would be releasing soon a new single for her upcoming album ’25’. As her last album ’21’ had acclaimed success back in 2011, it is to be expected that her latest project receives a lot of love as well. Adele still has a solid fan base notably on social media. Her return certainly does not come unnoticed. Her new tune brings growth and consistency in her vocal talents and image. Her new song ‘Hello’ is a gut-wrenching power ballad about trying to reconnect and possibly making amends with lost love. These are themes that will be central and thoroughly explored on her upcoming album. As the songstress teased on Twitter in an open-letter addressed to her 23.5 million followers, the idea of making up will be important on ’25’.

As for the music video for ‘Hello’, it plays on a very neutral palette, as the entire video is in a sepia color calling to the past. It was directed by acclaimed Canadian director Xavier Dolan. It is simple, minimalist but not to be underestimated. Starting out with Adele talking briefly on the phone,  with sunglasses and her back to the camera; there are many cinematic elements. The atmosphere established is lightly reminiscent of those of film noir . There is confusion as to the state of the relationship she is singing about. For instance, there are hints indicating that the lover has passed to the other side. The styling also evokes another period. ‘Hello’ has an aerie vibe bringing as well melancholy, as Adele mulls over and tries to reconcile with a lost love.

’25’ can now be pre-ordered and will be available on November 20th.

Featured image: @adele


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