What’s Going On?

This post could as easily been titled “Consistency:The Struggle Is Real”…

This is the last year of my Bachelor’s degree. It has started roughly a month ago and I can already foresee and picture the infinite work , lectures and checklist ahead (basically any University student’s life). Hence I haven’t posted as much as previous months (for the time being). I am however meeting my minimum goal which is to post at least once a week. Additionally, I am on Twitter daily, I find it is an easier way to share insightful articles and interact, so feel free to join me! @_Artisticviews_

I have also taken the Blogging 201 course here on WordPress. I have hopes that it will help me develop my competences and skills. Having taken a cinema class this semester called ‘Cinema, gender and sexuality’, I am entertaining the idea of posting thoughts about the class’ filmography.  This could be an easy way to ensure consistency of content. Does this sound like an interesting concept? I would like feedback, as to know if this sounds like a good and potentially interesting idea!


Introducing a post feature

You might have noticed some changes especially on the overall layout. This month, I dabbled a lot with the widgets (naming them, placing them…),  and I created a logo which now crowns the title of this blog on the front page! Almost everyday, I have been tweaking and tinkering elements to make this blogging experience accessible and feel like it’s more personalized and tailored. Hopefully, you like my choices! Blogging 101 is nearing its end, after having subscribed, I have roughly followed through all the assignments on my own.Today is day fifteen, the assignment encourages us bloggers to develop a regular feature for your blog. Hence, I am introducing *drumroll* Reflection Thursdays which will be published the last Thursday of each month. I hope to provoke even more dialogue than with Internet denies mystery, or does it really? I also plan on adding at least one article per day in the new section Refreshing takes on the sidebar. This is where I will share with you insightful posts written by fellow bloggers on related subjects, either adding to what I’ve written or exploring new interesting angles.

So, that is pretty much what you can look forward to in the future.